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What is a CSA?

Tired of having to figure out which greens to order every week? Get your weekly supply of freshly harvested veggies delivered straight to your home through our CSA subscription! Subscribe to either a half season (18 weeks) or a full season (36 weeks) above, and get a special discount if you pay up front.

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture". It is a dynamic relationship between growers and consumers where consumers support growers by purchasing subscription "shares" of vegetables for the farm's growing season. 


This program ensures that consumers gain access to a selection of curated vegetables, microgreens, and fresh herbs for the week, while giving farmers the peace of mind that their crop will already have dedicated buyers for the season. This allows farmers to focus on growing high quality produce, and consumers will also be assured of their weekly vegetable supply.


Visit our FAQ's page for more information.  

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