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Start your journey toward a Food Secure future with Papaya Tree Farms.

The Philippines is one of Asia’s rising stars in emerging economies, and it is important that a growing population with a growing middle class is well-fed to take on the challenges that lie ahead. In saying that though, we are at a critical moment in time to ensure that growth can be done in an environmentally sustainable way if we are to have a future to work towards.

As residents of Metro Manila, and with ties to the province of Batangas, our team has seen how landscapes have changed, how stewards of the land have given up on agriculture and sold their plots for development, and how family & friends have suffered from health conditions due to poor nutrition habits. It is the vision of Papaya Tree Farms to shift the way Filipinos see (and eat!) fresh produce by making more fresh vegetables accessible to the everyday Filipino diet.

Papaya Tree Farms is a Philippine hub farm concept with a focus on increasing productivity for smallholder vegetable farmers. Rooted in bio-intensive and regenerative agricultural practices, we currently operate one hub farm in Rosario, Batangas and are slowly increasing our network of partners farmers.

Whether you want to support local farmers, are curious about where your food comes from, or just want to get your salad fix, you can start eating your way to a more food secure Philippines by joining our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. Subscribing to a CSA share guarantees you with a weekly home delivery of freshly harvested veggies delivered to you straight from our farm!

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