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Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.

This year’s World Environment Day is all about ecosystem restoration. Ecosystem restoration means preventing, halting and reversing man-made damage to our environment. It’s about how we can challenge the exploitation and destruction of our planet by building healthy ecosystems, and with this, we can enhance people’s livelihoods, counteract climate change and foster biodiversity.

To celebrate World Environment Day, we must remember that investing in our ecosystems is an investment towards a brighter and better future. This ranges from large-scale actions taken by organisations, corporations, and governments, to small-scale actions anyone can take every day including nurturing trees, creating green spaces, reducing and repurposing waste, and consuming mindfully.

Our consumers can celebrate World Environment Day knowing that PTF contributes to ecosystem restoration by reimagining the local agricultural landscape through regenerative farming, and by acting as a model for how the agricultural industry can evolve towards a more sustainable model.

Let us know how you are celebrating World Environment Day with us in the comments below!

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