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More About Papaya Tree Farms

Papaya Tree Farms was established by a team of entrepreneurs who had a vision of creating a better Filipino farm.  


Weather conditions, societal factors and history have all formed an agricultural industry that has consistently lagged behind its ASEAN neighbors in terms of productivity.  


But the Philippines is blessed with rich volcanic soils, ready access to water, hard working people and a close to year round (8-10 months for us in Rosario, Batangas) growing window. To make the most of these incredible raw materials, we believe the Filipino farm had to evolve to incorporate simple yet effective tools, access high quality and consistent inputs, and embed regenerative and organic farming practices to ensure that these farms leave the land better for having farmed it.  


Papaya Tree Farms - Rosario, is our vision of what the future of Philippine farming could look like. A little under one hectare of land about an hour from Metro Manila producing 6 - 8 tons of high quality vegetables close to year round.

What we do
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